Real Time Anti-Spy

"Without privacy, our society would collapse"

John McAfee

Everyday more and more invasive apps are being released. These invasive apps want to silently turn on your microphone to record your voice or turn on your camera to video record your activities.

Do you want your banker in the shower with you? If you gave permission for your bank app to use your camera they might be. Does your neighbor control malware that gives him access to every room of your house? Your voice? Your files and photos?

D-Vasive is a powerful tool designed for protection from the proliferation of invasive apps by consumer companies, social networks, financial institutions and others. These invasive apps can secretly turn on a phone's microphone and camera, as well as monitor geographic movements and access contacts. The D-Vasive technology operates in a unique way, allowing the user to manage and control the device's internal hardware instead.

D-Vasive permits complete control over managing your internal hardware. When a potential malicious application tries to open your Camera, Mic, Bluetooth or WiFi and spy on you, D-Vasive lets you know, and lets you completely lock them out.

If you own an Android smartphone - you need D-Vasive so they don't own you!