In order to meet the processing demand for our future cybersecurity products that are Blockchain based, MGT will need a large number of ASIC computers. Our announced strategy is particularly cost effective, as mining computers are perfectly suited for this task and can earn a great ROI until we utilize the processing power of these super-fast machines to support the future revenue streams of our products. 

John McAfee

MGT has secured a location with contracted low cost hydro power in central Washington state to launch a facility generating over two PetaHash in processing power. This facility is expected to be fully operational by August 1, 2016, and has expansion capacity to nearly 10 PetaHash. The size and power efficiency of the facility will allow MGT to emerge as a domestic leader in crypto currency mining at an opportune time. The current pricing environment of bitcoin and other digital assets coupled with the release of new 16 nanometer ASIC chips provides a significant opportunity to generate excellent profit margins. 

Recently, MGT has been testing a smaller scale (100 TeraHash) operation with positive results. The testing has allowed us to optimize production software as well as provide experience to our team in building out and managing a profitable mining center.

This significant commitment to an in-house mining facility also prepares MGT for the increased processing demands of the many new Blockchain technologies on the horizon. As the demand for transaction processing grows, MGT will redirect its mining machines towards supporting other tasks on the Blockchain.