This series was designed to be a brief introduction into the cutting-edge frontier of cybersecurity. It is a starting point, a call to action, and assumes that the reader will investigate all of the claims being made and draw their own conclusions. At MGT we believe that we stand today on a precipice, balanced precariously and in quite a lot of danger, collectively. And startlingly few people seem to realize the implications enough to make these realities a priority. Eventually these themes will become obvious to even the densest individual - but by then it will be too late to turn back on our Brave New World. 

To suggest that the majority of the billions of dollars poured into existing cybersecurity solutions is actually a waste is a controversial position to take. But once we consider the facts and acknowledge just how easily organizations, governments and individuals are hacked on a regular basis and without consequences for the hacker, this conclusion is unavoidable. 

In order for us to be successful at MGT, we must do more than develop the products that address the new paradigm. We must also be educators, and communicators, so that everyone in the world can understand why we need to change familiar habits and adapt to the world we are now living in. So in addition to developing products we are also developing resources, like this series, that will be provided as a service, for free. Sign up for updates below so you don't miss all that we plan to offer.

It is frightening to realize just how vulnerable we, as a society, really are. We understand this at MGT, and we're here to help. John McAfee has assembled a team of top-notch professionals, and we won't rest until our data, all of our data, is secure.