Joint Venture: JMPP Oy

MGT has entered into a joint venture partnership with Nordic IT Sourcing Association Venture Partners to develop and market the world's most secure mobile phone. MGT is responsible for designing, engineering and testing a state of the art cell phone with privacy features that stay one step ahead of hackers and eavesdroppers. Nordic IT is responsible for sourcing strategic partners to manufacture and assemble the phone, as well as responsibility for sales and marketing.

Press Release

"Version 1 of the Privacy Phone will give the user enormous power over his or her privacy and it will be light years ahead of the many other phones on the market claiming to be secure."

John McAfee


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Alexander Reay, President of Nordic IT, commenting on the partnership with MGT to co-develop the John McAfee Privacy Phone, stated, "We are honored to be working with cybersecurity pioneer John McAfee and his team. MGT's innovative ideas should result in a unique offering in mobile communications. We have been heavily involved in the research of security and privacy issues, both in the Nordics and with our partners worldwide. With the new GDPR regulations here in Europe set to take effect in 2018 and recent leaks, there is no end to the privacy issues facing enterprises and society as a whole. We strongly believe that such a device will be the center of attention for both privacy concerned consumers, and corporate leaders looking to develop a winning strategic cybersecurity and privacy program on behalf of their company.".

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