John McAfee Renews his Commitment to the Technology Space that he Helped Pioneer 30 Years ago

Today John McAfee, the Company's proposed Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, offered a cybersecurity industry outlook. In conjunction with his appointment, MGT also recently announced the acquisition of certain technology and assets from D-Vasive, Inc., a provider of leading edge anti-spy software. The Company has also entered into a consulting agreement withFuture Tense Secure Systems, Inc., a technology incubator with investments in other privacy and security applications, and an ownership interest in a technology incubator, Round House LLC.

In the past week, Mr. McAfee provided the keynote speeches at the Rocky Mountain Information Security Conference in Denver and at the Hack Miami Conference. "On a global level, people everywhere have become truly dependent on technology more so than anything else in the last 100 years.  As this dependency increases so does the threat of vulnerability. It's something that I've seen in small business and in world governments. Through my new company, John McAfee Global Technologies (MGT) we are going to work vigorously on finding vulnerabilities in every avenue possible." (As previously disclosed, MGT Capital intends to change its corporate name to John McAfee Global Technologies, Inc. upon closing of the transaction.)

Mr. McAfee took the stage at the Hack Miami Conference with Eric "Eijah" Anderson, the founder and creator of Demonsaw, a decentralized cross platform information sharing application.  Mr. Anderson, formerly a lead developer with Rock Star Games and American Express, introduced the Android version of his highly acclaimed software platform.  Demonsaw is secure, anonymous and free, with end to end encryption without utilizing client P2P. Demonsaw, LLC is one of the cybersecurity focused companies in Mr. McAfee's Future Tense portfolio.

"I am truly committed to MGT and the technology company pipeline within Round House and Future Tense as the natural continuation of my life's work. Cybersecurity and prvacy are important extensions of people's freedom, and I plan to make this Company into the world powerhouse in the field," McAfee said in a statement on his Twitter feed.