MGT Appoints the Executive Director of the Bitcoin Foundation to its Cryptocurrency Advisory Board

MGT today announced the appointment of Bruce Fenton to its Cryptocurrency Advisory Board, effective immediately. 

Fenton is currently the Executive Director of the Bitcoin Foundation, and founder and CEO of Atlantic Financial.  He is a leading economic strategist and advisor with a focus on the changing global economy.  Fenton is a specialist in emerging technology such as digital currency and emerging markets. Fenton also advises U.S. and global investment clients and provides consulting and project based services to banks, financial organizations, charitable organizations and families. He has worked with a major leading U.S. based private equity and investment firm, one of the world's largest global charities and several other families and foundations.  Fenton has placed over $5 billion in investment capital with money managers and funds during his career. Early in his career, Fenton worked for Morgan Stanley Dean Witter (formerly Dean Witter) starting in 1992. At Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, he was a specialist in managed accounts and one of the youngest stockbrokers ever to work for the company.

"As an active member of the cybercurrency industry through my Bitcoin business ventures and position as Executive Director of the Bitcoin Foundation, I am honored to support the efforts of John McAfee in providing advanced cyber security for this burgeoning industry," stated Fenton. "I have long been an enthusiast of cybercurrency technology and believe cyber security will play a role in advancing the broad trust and use of currencies such as Bitcoin."

"Bruce joins Roger Ver and Erik Voorhees as the third member of our Cryptocurrency Advisory Board.  Bruce is highly respected within the field of cryptocurrency and we are all extremely pleased with this addition to our growing advisory team. In addition to his contributions to the field of economics, Bruce is renowned as a Bitcoin innovator," said John McAfee, proposed Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of MGT Capital.

The Cryptocurrency Advisory Board will ensure that MGT remains current in the protection of this critical field and provide the most state of the art products to its customers. Roger Ver, aka "Bitcoin Jesus," is the founding member and chairman of the Cryptocurrency Advisory Board.