"The technology powering Demonsaw holds the key for organizations and individuals to regain control over their cloud data. MGT is adapting this technology to serve the enterprise as part of our Anti-Hacking suite"

John McAfee

Demonsaw is a secure and anonymous information sharing application that makes security simple and gives you back control of your data. The platform allows users to chat, message, and share files without fear or consequence.

The Demonsaw client is built on powerful and flexible technologies including multiple layers of asymmetric and symmetric encryption. All keys are created at runtime and never shared, and data is shared across a a fully decentralized, mesh-based network that doesn't use P2P and doesn't reveal the user's IP address.

Demonsaw traffic looks like normal web traffic, so it can be used anywhere without being blocked or monitored by anyone.

The community client is available for most modern platforms. MGT also plans to release consumer and enterprise security products powered by Demonsaw tech.