"The long term value of E-Tagged will be to augment soon to be released products that secure digital networks and home systems from unauthorized hacking or unwanted intrusions. This product integrates well with our plans."

John McAfee

E-Tagged is a cyber security product designed to alert and detect the identity of approaching individuals or motor vehicles by utilizing a proprietary technology that analyzes the radio signals broadcast by cell phones.  The E-Tagged technology can provide homeowners and businesses with information related to the geographic approach of persons, known and unknown.

With variable gain antennas, the system can be configured within a range of from 100 feet to three miles from the system. The MAC address of the mobile device is logged and the cell phone number is recorded.  In the event the homeowner is away, the system can be configured to call, email or text the homeowner.

E-tagged collects information about unwelcome devices. Upon detection of the device, a unique address, time and location are collected and stored for future analysis. It is capable of detecting

  • The signal strength

  • What frequency was used

  • the time the device was detected 

  • the networks searched

The information collected can be analyzed and acted upon.

E-Tagged can be deployed into an enterprise environment, recording and ensuring that only permitted devices enter the premises. This can be useful to protect sensitive information, monitor multiple locations and help prevent corporate espionage.