The temperature is rising, and hackers are growing more sophisticated in their techniques. Organizations are vulnerable, and the old-world model of reactive security is not equal to the challenge. The industry must adopt proactive defensive strategies if our networks are to be protected.


Sentinel is the first product in a full suite designed to proactively protect networks, computers, users and data. Without affecting your network QOS or creating bottlenecks, the Sentinel system gives the edge back to the network administrator by alerting them to intrusions on their network, and by keeping the hacker busy with honeypots rather than causing real damage.

Sentinel features a new approach towards monitoring network traffic that outpaces every other approach in the industry. The system, composed of a passive hardware device connected to each subnetmonitors network traffic for suspicious activity using sophisticated algorithms, generating an alert and deploying countermeasures when triggered.

Sentinel mitigates risk by greatly reducing the time a hacker has to operate inside protected networks, planting malware and stealing data. It also allows for an investigation to begin while the attack is in progress, rather than after the perpetrator has left the system. This Anti-Hacking system allows organizations, for the first time, to take a proactive rather than a reactive approach to cybersecurity.


PRESS RELEASE: John McAfee Provides Update on MGT Sentinel (4/12/17) 

VIDEO: John McAfee Updates MGT Shareholders -- Spring 2017

John McAfee, Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of MGT Capital Investments, addresses shareholders in this spring 2017 update. Mr. McAfee provides more details on the company's Sentinel product, MGT's growing Bitcoin operation, and the groundbreaking new private phone.