This Privacy Phone Voucher Redemption and Refund Agreement explains the terms and conditions under which MGT Capital Investments, Inc. (hereinafter “MGT”) and Nordic IT Venture Partners (hereinafter “Nordic IT”) will process and/or reimburse consumers for electronic Vouchers.

Your submission of an electronic Voucher for $199 off the Privacy Phone signifies your acceptance of and compliance with the terms and conditions set forth wherein.


  1. MGT and Nordic IT will only accept properly identified Vouchers.

  2. Vouchers are redeemable only by an eligible consumer intending to purchase the Privacy Phone.

  3. An eligible consumer is over 18 years old, lives in the United States, US territory or military locations, and within the Europe Union and the United Kingdom.

  4. The one hundred and ninety nine ($199) face value of the Voucher will be deducted from the retail selling price. (Price TBD)

  5. Only one (1) Voucher per one (1) Person.


  1. MGT and Nordic IT will only accept Vouchers directly from consumers at this time.

  2. All applicable IRS reporting requirements must be complied with, including obtaining an appropriate taxpayer identification number.


  1. The cash redemption value of each Voucher is 1/100 of one cent.

  2. The cash refund value of each Voucher is 1/100 of one cent.

  3. This Policy is solely applicable to the purchase of a Privacy Phone.

  4. In the event that circumstances beyond the control of MGT and Nordic IT prevent the release of the Privacy Phone, you will be reimbursed your deposit via original form of payment minus a six dollar ($6) administration fee. You will not receive cash value for the Voucher.