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This Voucher is your guarantee to be first in the queue for the release of the Privacy Phone developed by John McAfee.

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Introducing the world's first smartphone featuring hard kill switches, empowering its users to take back control of their privacy. All phones feature a built-in privacy control center giving users full control of access and functions of their phone. 

Version 1 of the Privacy Phone gives our users enormous power over his or her privacy.

  • Bank of switches allowing physical disconnection the battery, WiFi, Bluetooth and geolocation, the camera and the microphone, and more
  • Resistant to Stingray or any other IMSI catcher device
  • Web search anonymizer to prevent searches from triggering an avalanche of ads
  • Developed in the United States, designed in Denmark, and assembled in Europe
  • Version 2 coming in 2018


Learn more about the state of mobile privacy and our inspiration for taking action:

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